Workshop mit Vertretern der amerikanischen Botschaft


Members of the American embassy visited our English class on Monday, April 16th,2012 and talked about  their country and how the citizens elect their presidents .In my opinion, it was exciting. I was amazed with how life is there and how the people treat each other with hospitality, it´s a really organized land. People there are optimistic, determined and eager to achieve their goals.

Based on what Jordan said; the houses are cheap and people greet each other on the streets even if they don´t know each other. From my perspective, I think life there is easier, if you believe in your abilities and with self-confidence and determination you can achieve your goals.

“Patience and hard work are the road to success. “ I believe in this quote that says”A bird with a broken wing only needs mending, but once it is healed, it can fly higher than the rest” and it means even if you faced any obstacle, with support you can achieve your goal, in other words determination and patience are the roads to success.

Abbas Awada, class 9.4 / Standort Berlinickeplatz

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