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 My Internship in Ireland – A weekend out

On Saturday at about 10 am, we met at Tesco car park. We took the bus to Tramore where we spent the weekend on a youth hostel.  The trip was very nice.

When we arrived at the hostel, we ate our lunch and about 1pm we went down to the Freedom- surf school for some surf lessons. After the lessons we put on a wet shirt and went to beach to surf. We stayed at the beach like an hour before we went back to the surf school. We took our birth, put on our clothes, had some tea to keep us warm. We made pictures, bought some sweaters and t-shirts. After that we returned to the hostel, That night we had dinner at the vee bistro. There we ordered different kind of food. We had a great time, spent some time there and went back to the hostel. We played some games till 11pm when everyone went to sleep.

In the morning we had breakfast and everyone asked for something different like full Irish, full American, kinds of American and French toast. After breakfast we went for a walk along the beach with a woman who was telling us the different types of birds that came to Ireland to feed themselves and she also explained some interesting things about Ireland. About 12pm we went back to meet our driver and went back to Clonmel.

The weekend was lovely. It was my best experience ever.


Oliver Kaiser 9.6


My Essay about the sporty activities in Ireland

In the start of the essay I want to say that I really enjoyed the trip to Ireland and I want to thank Experiment and everyone else who make this kind of work experience and intercultural experience possible.


The first game that we played was skittles an irish game where you have to throw 5 dolly’s out of an circle, the different dolly’s have different points, the points are: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

You throw with four wood sticks, the sticks are wet and heavy and so you have to throw hard but not too hard. You have to find the right way to throw all dolly’s out of the circle. You are fourteen meters away from the circle so you have to be strong. We all enjoyed Skittles.

Tag Rugby

In Tag Rugby you have to put the ball on the other side of the room but it is difficult because your enemy try to get the tag flag on your right and left side. The flag moored by Velcro fastener on a belt that everyone has to wear. When somebody gets your flag when you have the ball you have to stand on the place where your enemy gets your flag. You have to pass the ball one of your players, but you can’t pass the ball forward you are just allowed to pass it back or to your sides. Tag Rugby was a wonderful experience we all had lots of fun.


At the weekend we went to Tramore a little city at the beach where we learned to surf.

A man told us what we have to do and how. Then we wearied wetsuits and walked to the beach. When we arrived the beach we started a workout to get warm.  We get into the cold water but nobody felt the cold so we started to surf. At the first time I saw a big weave I started to paddle and the weave caught me and I stand up I was really surprised as I see that I am standing on a surfboard. I was so surprised that I fallen down of the surfboard. It was very funny and we all enjoyed it. I think it was the best weekend in Ireland.

All in all is Ireland one of the best places to play Skittles, Tag Rugby and Surfing.

I enjoyed everything what we done in Ireland and I want to travel to Ireland again when I have enough money and time.

Selin Midikoglu

7.ISS Ringstraße


Teachers: Mrs. Eisenfeld & Mr. Falk

My Essay

In my Essay I write about the People from Ireland, because I think that the People here are so sweet.
In our time in Ireland, there was a Situation that confirmed me, that Irish People are very nice. For Example there was a Women who described to us where the next souvenir shop was. She offered us to drive us there with her car. Even though we rejected her offer, it was really nice of her.

The People here smile,they’re friendly, and they greet you if they saw you. I was really suprised, because in Germany the People are unfriendly sometimes and they aalways looking sad, but the Irish People treat you nicely and friendly. But you have to be friendly too,because they expect that from you. It is unbelievable to see how different people can be especially from the People in Berlin. The People in Berlin are nice too, but not like the Irish. I was really suprised but on the otherside I’m glad that they accept me just the way I am.
But I think that I’ll miss Andy, the cordinator, because he had a positiv- energy.

I hope that I come back to Ireland one Day, because it is a beautiful, must- seen country.
I’m so glad that I was here. I recommend going to Ireland, because it’s so green, and the air is really clean. The People are amazing too. And I’ll never forget that. But I’m sad, because our  Journey was too short.
I wish I could have stayed longer.

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